Wood Floors of Dallas


Solid Hardwood Installation Process

BY Lauren Hamilton  September 17, 2019

When installing Solid Hardwood floors, we take great pride in our process to ensure you get the highest quality floor possible. We have divided the job into a multiple stage process for you that outlines everything that will be done in your home throughout the job and a timeline as well to help clarify everything. […]

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Plank Flooring at Wood Floors of Dallas

BY Hunter Ross  December 5, 2018

Plank Flooring at Wood Floors of Dallas Wood Floors of Dallas recently opened its Lewisville, TX showroom. For those that have not visited yet, here is a glance of some of the plank flooring collections and brands that we carry, including SPC Vinyl plank flooring. We have previously featured parquet and other patterns; here you […]

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Wood Floors of Dallas is all about couture wood floors and surfaces

BY Hunter Ross  November 28, 2018

Couture Wood Floors and Surfaces Wood Floors of Dallas is all about couture wood floors and surfaces. Because of this, we offer the Jamie Beckwith Collection® which wood flooring transforms into a media expressing a balance between creativity and design, art and functionality. Just as most of our readers who comprise of Interior Designers and Architects; custom […]

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Luxury living with custom herringbone and chevron wood flooring

BY Hunter Ross  November 7, 2018

Wood Floors of Dallas elevate your luxury living with custom herringbone and chevron wood flooring. Few things scream more of the luxury living than parquet style wood flooring. The designs elevate the living area from the ground up. The simpler forms of parquet style flooring include the chevron and herringbone pattern. Both the Chevron and Herringbone […]

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Pre-finished Wood Flooring vs. Job-Site Finished Wood Flooring

BY Hunter Ross  October 31, 2018

Pre-finished Wood Flooring vs. Job-Site Finished Wood Flooring If you are researching what option is best for your wood flooring project, you will likely be limited to two options; Pre-finished Wood Flooring vs. Job-Site Finished Wood Flooring.   After reading about pre-finished flooring, you will have learned that you are limited to your choice, what […]

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Choosing the Right Flooring Professional

BY Hunter Ross  September 14, 2017

Last weekend, I dragged my reluctant family to our local greasy spoon so that I could have tomatoes and grits with my breakfast, the kind of breakfast I grew up with.  While we waited in line to pay – yes they still do that too – I was busy looking at the sea of business […]

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Reduce, Reuse, RECLAIM!

BY Hunter Ross  June 20, 2017

Late one night, I was browsing my local online buy/sell/trade site and found the most unusual post I’d seen yet, a basketball court.  The maintenance manager for a small school outside of Frisco, TX, had recently replaced the hardwood courts and was looking to unload a bounty of maple tongue and groove boards.  All that […]

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“How to Prevent Cupping and Worse in Summer Months”

BY Hunter Ross  June 13, 2017

In an article from the Wood Floor Business website, Craig DeWitte discusses the effects excessive moisture may have on your hardwood floors. “During the summer, even the most carefully installed wood floors tend to expand and sometimes cup or even buckle. These events occur because of wood’s relationship with moisture in the air. Air with […]

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Wood Floors of Dallas is the Best of Denton County

BY Hunter Ross  May 18, 2017

Our name may be Wood Floors of Dallas, but our offices and many of our customers and friends are in Denton County – not to mention our hometown. This year we would love to earn your vote for Best of Denton County Home Services category. Nominations determine the final three nominees for each business category. […]

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Renovating Flood Damaged Hardwood Flooring in Prosper, Tx

BY Hunter Ross  October 8, 2016

Flood damage: When it happens, you’re never ready for it. Recently a customer in Prosper, Tx called me to find out if I could come check out the damage they had from a recent flood. The pipe from their toilet had started leaking when they were out of town. By the time it was stopped […]

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