Wood Floors of Dallas

A little WFOD showroom shoot

BY Lauren Hamilton  November 15, 2019

Every now and then a special something happens. I had a young man walk into our showroom a few weeks ago looking to make some money and help us create a short video showcasing our store. I was skeptical at first but his enthusiasm and his casual approach to ensuring me he would be able to create something cool really got my attention. At 15 years old, I would have never had the skill set let alone the confidence to walk into a random business and ask the owner to trust me with their money. We kept in touch and he followed up regularly. We scheduled a time for him to come in and bring his camera. He spent at least an hour at the showroom and while he worked, we got to know one another a little bit. The video attached is the final product that he delivered. I am not only thankful for the good work but in the lesson, I learned from him. I am humbled by his entrepreneurial spirit and driven to keep working hard every day to get better and better for my customers. Thank you @salsmediaproductions for your hard work and determination. I love the video and look forward to working with you again in the future. If you know anyone who needs some promo videos, please give this young man and opportunity to create something for you!